Daily Practice

  • International, interfaith morning gathering - 8:30 am your local time
  • Sharing good news, inspiring pictures, quotes, articles, videos and stories with other members
  • Positive language 
  • Wholehearted acts of kindness
  • Peaceful acts of resistance
  • Smile :)

Morning practice is at the heart of Sleeping Lions community. It’s about waking up in the morning and feeling connected, empowered and hopeful with the birth of a new day. It’s simply loving ourselves, feeling grateful for what we have and sending best wishes and thoughts to all our friends and family, other SL members and to every being on Earth. It's a good moment to imagine the world we want to live in. It can be a prayer, meditation, affirmation, visualisation, yoga practice, any other - whatever your background. Everybody is welcomed to put their very special wishes/prayers to our joint practice by simply sharing them over the morning chat. If you haven’t done any of these before, just watch out for any inspiration that comes your way, be it from Sleeping Lions community website or outside of it. You may find it helpful to simply connect with others over Sleeping Lions Chat.

Positive language that represents our values is another powerful tool in any Sleeping Lion tool-kit. Begin with observing your language. Soon, you will realise how much it tells you about your thoughts, attitudes, perceptions and beliefs. You may be quite surprised. Next step is to try to play with your language to make it persistently positive. Express your appreciation, thank people for what they have done for you, tell your close ones that you love them, be brave to acknowledge your mistakes and say "sorry". Whenever you are expressing your opinions or talking about the way you feel, make sure you add “I believe”, “I think”, "I feel", “that’s the way I remember it”, etc. to your statement. Whenever you realise you are just about to utter a word of criticism, judgement or blame, stop and try to phrase it appropriately. Do you still want to say it?? And here is when you may start to stutter!!! It is hard at the beginning. Really frustrating even. It makes the brain struggle. And our brain doesn't like it at all. If you stick to the practice, your brain will find a new way. And you may be surprised to hear that your brain will simply start to look for positive! What a relief. Here is the point where our self image changes, our perception about people and events around us shift and we start feeling more optimistic, hopeful, loving, cooperative, trusting and more courageous. We notice opportunities and we take advantage of them. We are more satisfied with everything in our life and it is represented in our thoughts, words and actions which then have an impact on everyone and everything around us.

Just a short video metaphor to give you an idea of what lays ahead of you when you take up the challenge. Whenever, along the way, it gets hard or your levels of Hope are low, remember to reach out, we are all in it together and we are here to pull each other up. It will be fun!



It's important we share positive news, inspiring articles and videoswords of wisdom (quotes, poems, stories, prayers), uplifting stories of people making a difference. You can also take a picture of an ordinary act of kindness you witness or anything that you find inspiring or beautiful and let us know about it. 

Please note - Sleeping Lion's practice is not to stop noticing what needs fixing in the world around us but about becoming empowered to act and make a real difference and feeling hopeful through being part of a larger community.

Acts of kindness and acts of resistance will follow spontaneously.

Last but not least - SMILE :) The whole world will smile with you.